Joint Annual Meeting of ÖPG/SPS/ÖGAA - Innsbruck 2009

Plenary speakers

Tim De Zeeuw (ESO) Future perspectives of ground-based telescopes
Olaf Reimer (Stanford / Innsbruck) The energetic universe seen through the eyes of FGST and HESS
Günther Dissertori (ETH Zürich) LHC: Entering a new era in Particle Physics
Sonia Seneviratne (ETH Zürich) Climate Change - What are the main issues?
Walter Riess (IBM Rüschlikon) Material challenges for future nanoscale electronics
Karl Unterrainer (TU Wien) THz Science: Exploring the secrets of nanostructures
Wolfgang Ernst (TU Graz) Molecules in cold helium nanodroplets
Franz Pfeiffer (TU München) X-ray phase contrast for better images in medical diagnostics
Markus Arndt (Uni Wien) Coherent manipulation of large clusters and molecules
Denis Weaire (Trinity Coll. Dublin) Reflections on a bubble: Physics, history and art
Anton Zeilinger (Uni Wien) Einsteins Schleier (public lecture)
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