Detailed Program


Here you find the overviews and schedules of the conference.
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Schedule Tuesday 1. Sept. 2009 *  (last modified: 31.08.2009)

Schedule Plenary Sessions 2. - 4. Sept. 2009

Schedule Wednesday 2. Sept. 2009  (last modified: 01.09.2009)

Schedule Thursday 3. Sept. 2009  (last modified: 03.09.2009)

Schedule Friday 4. Sept. 2009  (last modified: 03.09.2009)

Overview poster session 2. - 4. Sept. 2009  (last modified: 26.08.2009)

* Note: The sections "Astro-, nuclear and particle physics (TASK) of the SPS and "Particle- and Nuclear Physics (FAKT)" of the ÖPG start their meeting already before the main conference, namely on September 1st. Please consider this when planning your schedules.


Here you find the complete program with abstracts.
Upon program changes a notification will be placed with the respective entry.
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Plenary Sessions

1 Atomic- and Molecular Physics & Quantum Optics  (last modified: 07.08.2009)

2 Applied Physics  (last modified: 01.09.2009)

3 Nuclear and Particle Physics  (last modified: 31.08.2009)

4 Astrophysics  (last modified: 01.09.2009)

5 Plasmaphysics  (last modified: 26.08.2009)

6 Solid State Physics incl. NESY  (last modified: 01.09.2009)

7 Surfaces, Boundary Layers and Thin Films

8 History of Physics  (last modified: 11.08.2009)

9 Physics in School (High School Teachers Meeting) / Gender Equality in Physics

Multimedia Booths (Addition to exhibition and poster session)


Joint Award Ceremony ÖPG - SPS - ÖGAA

Friday 04. September 2009, 09:40 h - 10:50 h
Universität Innsbruck, Technikerstr. 25 (V.-F.-Hess building), lecture room A

Die ÖPG vergibt folgende Preise:

  1. Ludwig-Boltzmann Preis (Physikpreis der ÖPG)
  2. Victor-Hess-Preis (Dissertation in Kern- und Teilchenphysik)
  3. Roman-Ulrich-Sexl-Preis (Unterricht und Lehre)
  4. Karlheinz Seeger Preis (Dissertation in Festkörperphysik)
  5. AT&S Forschungspreis (Festkörperphysik)

Die SPG vergibt folgende Preise:

  1. SPG Preis in allgemeiner Physik, gestiftet von ABB Schweiz AG
  2. SPG Preis in Festkörperphysik, gestiftet vom IBM Forschungslabor Rüschlikon
  3. SPG Preis in angewandter Physik, gestiftet von OC Oerlikon

Die ÖGAA vergibt folgenden Preis:

  1. Diplomarbeitspreis
      sowie Ehrenmitgliedschaften.

All awardees will additionally give a talk presenting the awarded work in detail. Please refer to the program schedules.



The exhibition of companies can be visited on all three days. It will take place in the halls of the "V.-F.-Hess" building.

Coherent (Deutschland) GmbH, DE-64807 Dieburg

Hiden Analytical Ltd., UK-Warrington, WA5 7UN

L+H Vakuumtechnik Vertriebsges.m.b.H., AT-1230 Wien

Menlo Systems GmbH, DE-82152 Martinsried

MICOS GmbH, DE-79427 Eschbach

Pfeiffer Vacuum Austria GmbH, AT-1150 Wien

Radiant Dyes Laser & Accessories GmbH, DE-42929 Wermelskirchen

Soliton GmbH, DE-82205 Gilching

Thorlabs GmbH, DE-85221 Dachau

TOPTICA Photonics AG, DE-82166 Gräfelfing

VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH, DE-07749 Jena

Vaqtec Scientific, DE-10829 Berlin

VAT Deutschland GmbH, DE-85630 Grasbrunn

VG Scienta, UK-Hastings, East Sussex, TN38 9NN

(list updated: 22.08.2009)


Advertisements in the program booklet

Hecus X-Ray Systems GmbH, AT-8020 Graz (back cover page)

PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik, DE-97877 Wertheim (page 7)

Pfeiffer Vacuum Austria GmbH, AT-1150 Wien (page 15)